Text exchange from HeTexted.com. Hahaha.

Just for laughs.

Check out the text to the left. In Fling Girl world, totally something Floyd would have pulled when he and Maggie first started dating… before Floyd started taking himself too seriously and their relationship too lightly. In the end, Floyd decided to swing from the chandelier with two redheads. Jerk.

In real life, a guy friend used to initiate a call then act as if he was answering the ring: Hello? Can I help you? Who is this? Feigned confusion: Do I know you? Where’d you get my number? Like the text, it was entertaining and playful and a big factor is moving a buddy relationship into a naked one. Unlike the text, hearing the other person’s voice gave the words context and negated the need for analysis. Our advice to “Sara”? He’s probably interested, relax a little, have fun and see how it goes. 

HeTexted.com has been around for a few months and some of the texts and comments are pretty amusing. Supposedly geared towards women (aren’t we so silly with all our over-thinking), the guys are also there — in the comments and in the submissions, yeah, we know some of you men out there need a decoder too. Or if you’re shy, you can confidentially “Ask a Bro”, though we suggest you stay here and check in with Fling Girl’s resident advice guy

Love — Fling Girl

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