So since there are some new (and returning) shows we’re excited about this fall, we thought we’d give them some love! We can’t wait for New Girl and have to be patient until Smash comes back mid-season (yes we love it in all its campy glory – who doesn’t want to see Anjelica Houston tossing martinis in people’s faces?), we’re starting with the The Mindy Project from the whip smart Mindy Kaling — she’s got the voice of a cheer-leader and the brain of Mel Brooks. Sexy!

We watched the first episode a few weeks back on Hulu, hoping for the best and fearing for the worst. You never know, right? Chelsea Handler is humongous and her show was horrible — go figure. But The Mindy Project is pretty hilarious and charming, at least judging from the pilot. The main character, Mindy, is a little like Maggie — newly single, a little unhinged, and making all kinds of mistakes with men. We can relate! When she got drunk and talked to a Barbie doll, we were hooked. Not because we talk to Barbie dolls. Not really. It’s just hilarious and random and it works.

So check out The Mindy Project — and support women running the world! Just kidding — support women in comedy, running Hollywood. Then the world. — Love, Fling Girl L.A.

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