A few months ago she was Marilyn Monroe, and now Michelle Williams is onscreen as a sexually frustrated, adorable, modern-day hipster girl living with her hubby in Toronto and yearning for the hot rickshaw driver across the street. Can you drive a rickshaw? Rickshaw runner — is that better?

The film is Take This Waltz directed by the awesome Canadian actor-turned-director Sarah Polley (Away From Her). It’s about love, lust, and the painful, awful disintegration of a relationship — which are subjects close to our heart here at Fling Girl! The title comes from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name, and the film, like that song, is a beautiful meditation on the stages of love.

Besides a few moments of precious hipster-dom (what grown woman seriously wears those 80s tennis socks with little balls on the back?) the film really grows on you. It’s subtle, and Polley and her actors really nail what it feels like to settle into the monotony of a relationship, burn for something more, and then realize you actually did have more — you just maybe saw too many Hollywood romances and Disney movies to appreciate the little things. Take This Waltz won us over and it’s worth checking out. Sarah Polley is like a 1960s European auteur. In other words — she rocks.

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