Filmmaker photo by Stef Mitchell from Oyster Mag. Watch the Nobody Walks trailer below. 


NYC-based writer/director Ry Russo Young might have deep roots in Manhattan, but she’s spent enough time in Los Angeles to have picked up some differences between the two cities. Her latest flick, Nobody Walks, is about an NYC artist who comes to L.A. and lives with a family in Silverlake so she can finish a project. What she finds along the way isn’t exactly what she expected. The movie stars Olivia Thirlby and John Krasinski, and Ry directed the movie and co-wrote it with Girls creator Lena Dunham. Go see it! In the meantime, check out her NYC-LA Q&A…

FG: What’s one major difference between NYC and L.A. you noticed?

RRY: Not to sound like a broken record but I think it’s that New York is a city where pedestrians rule the streets and in Los Angeles cars are king. In New York, most people walk to get from place to place and it’s a rarity to have a car. In Los Angeles your car is like your second home. It’s not only how you get places but it’s a private sanctuary where you have total control over your environment—clothes, the music, the temperature. I once changed my tampon in my car.

FG: Favorite and least favorite thing about NYC?

RRY: Favorite is the seasons and having to change your outfits. I love putting on fall boots and wearing the first wool scarf, that chill in the air makes you feel alive. Least favorite is maybe the dirtiness and the long winter months where it’s freezing and you give up on going out. Hibernation in New York gets really depressing by February and I always gain weight.

FG: And L.A.?

RRY: Favorite thing is the climate, the beautiful sunlight and that the place is crawling with movie history, you can feel it everywhere. Least favorite is the stress of rush hour traffic and the fact that you can’t really drink so much.

FG: Have you noticed any differences in dating in NYC and L.A.?

RRY: To be honest, I’ve never really “dated” in L.A. I was in love with a guy once who lived in West Hollywood but he never returned my affections. I think both cities are tough to meet people because you have so many options but it only takes one.

Thanks Ry!

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