RIOT — L.A.’ Alternative Comedy Festival
September 21-23, 2012, Downtown Los Angeles 

Talking with Founder
Abbey Londer

We were so excited a few months ago when we saw something about a new comedy festival in L.A. pop up on our Facebook feed. Sure, there is standup and improv going on all over the city on any given night (or morning, or afternoon, if you count the comics practicing at home in the mirror). This looked different though. The comedians involved were awesome, and you can’t go wrong with a combo of beer + downtown L.A. + a whole weekend of comedy. In fact it sounded so cool we tracked down the founder of RIOT, Abbey Londer.

“It’s not about agents or managers,” Londer says. “It’s about celebrating comedy.” Sure when comedians hop on stage they seem pretty happy, but off stage life is usually about rejections, auditions, and lots and lots of waiting. “There’s a lack of celebration in comedy because it’s constantly a grind,” Londer said. So she decided to do something about it. She’s performed standup, but once she started producing shows she realized she loved it. Enter RIOT. She launched a successful Kickstarer campaign, got some big names backing the idea, and then “there was a snowball effect.”

RIOT takes place September 21–23 on an entire block of downtown L.A. complete with food trucks, vendors, free beer (yep—as long as you pay for a ticket), and an amazing lineup of acts. “L.A. is a city of industry,” says Londer. “We didn’t want to go to huge theaters. This is more like a block party and the shows will be in intimate spaces.” RIOT is working with places like Meltdown, KCRW, Angel City Brewing, and The Moth hosted by Lauren Weedman, and we can’t wait! Check out their site for schedules and info and get your tickets! 

Thanks Abbey! 

Y Fling Girl

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