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Meet Dan

Dan is Maggie’s closest guy friend, and Brooke’s live-in blogger boyfriend. He works best when he’s alone in his apartment barefoot in a ratty

November 01, 2011 CHARACTERS
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Meet Floyd

Floyd fancies the poetry of Pablo Neruda and the joy of a long, barefoot trail run. He’s wicked smart and handsome, can tell a

November 01, 2011 CHARACTERS
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Meet Gwen

Gwen made her way to the U.S. from a tiny town in New Zealand that no one’s heard of and no one cares about

November 01, 2011 CHARACTERS
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Meet Bethany

Suze Orman changed Bethany’s life.  During her 20s Bethany worked her way up to Head Copy Editor at a very serious tech magazine. Her

November 01, 2011 CHARACTERS
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Tres Leches with Dulce de Leche Glaze

Mmmmm Tres Leches. Besides being a Los Angeles fave (try the Tres Leches at Porto’s Bakery in Glendale and see if you don’t fall

October 11, 2011 EAT/DRINK, Recipes
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Troian Bellisario

Actress and writer. Born, raised and currently living in Los Angeles. One day she will find her way out. Follow Troian on Twitter here.

October 01, 2011 TAKE 10
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Read the latest issue TO FLOYD OR NOT TO FLOYD where Maggie finds out what the hell Floyd wants! And catch up on the

September 01, 2011 ISSUES
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FLING GIRL LA presents Honorary Fling Girls These ladies rock our world. They’re unique, sexy, smart and live life on their own terms —

September 01, 2011 HONORARIES
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What’s a FLING? Our carefully curated section of all-around awesomeness. TAKE 10 lists, music/film in SEE/HEAR, cocktails/recipes in EAT/DRINK, advice/stories in DATING. And best

September 01, 2011 FLINGS
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