Bergamot Station’s receptions Saturday, Oct 13: William Eggleston: NEW DYES at the Rose Gallery and Cira Crowell: IN LIGHT at the Robert Berman Gallery. 


Photography buffs might want to hightail it over to Bergamot Saturday (October 13) for a preview of William Eggleston prints before they head across the sea to their new home at the Tate.

William Eggleston is the photographer credited with making color photography a “legitimate” art medium and for introducing the shot we now find commonplace — frames of the everyday from a different perspective. Ironically, by using a printing process that at the time was reserved for advertising (dye transfer), he ushered in the use of highly saturated color which heightened the intensity of his photos. New Dyes is exactly that, the photos have been printed as dye transfers but are curated from Eggleston’s work before he employed the method. 

For more Eggleston, visit the Gagosian Gallery (Beverly Hills) for 28 brilliantly vibrant large-scale prints from the Los Alamos series. Some images may be familiar, others have not been previously shown. Definitely worth seeing in person. 

While you are at Bergamot, cross the lot for the Robert Berman Gallerys Cira Crowell reception. Crowell deals in light and shadow. Her mediums are drawings, photos and projections, the show includes captures of “light sculptures” engineered by her partner Chas Curtis.

Make it a photo day! (Gallery info below the Eggleston interview clip.)
Love — Fling Girl

William Eggleston: NEW DYES
Reception: Saturday, October 13, 6pm–9pm
Run: October 14–November 24, 2012
Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6pm
2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite G5, Santa Monica, California 90404 


Cira Crowell:
Reception: Saturday, October 13, 6pm–9pm
Run: October 13–November 10, 2012
Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm
2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite B7, Santa Monica, California 90404 

William Eggleston:
Run: September 27–November 10, 2012
456 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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