Bergamot Station’s receptions this Saturday: Bill Barminski’s THIS SIDE UP at the Robert Berman Gallery and David Markey and Jordan Schwartz’s WE GOT POWER at Track 16. Scroll down to see a clip from one of Markey’s featured video installs and preview Barminski’s catalog here.


Light rail is coming to Santa Monica and one of the planned stops is Bergamot Station, the art complex sandwiched between Olympic and Michigan. That might mean some galleries are going bye-bye, though at the moment it seems the city will keep most of the spaces intact. Building C which houses the Robert Berman Gallery and Track 16 have announced their possible last shows in the spaces. 

Luckily, the Robert Berman Gallery runs a second gallery in the B row of buildings and if you need proof of why we’re glad they’re hanging around, take a scroll through their past exhibits — the 2009 Retna & The Mac show is a FG personal favorite, as is the Maria Rutherford. Sorely missed will be the spacious, multi-room Track 16 and its vintage diner car — it’s definitely an L.A. space that warrants a visit, both for the art and the experience. Additionally they have a publication tie-in with Smart Ass Press.

This Saturday (Sept 8) both galleries will be hosting receptions:

Like painted cardboard? Yeah, you do! In his first solo exhibit in over four years, L.A. artist and UCLA lecturer Bill Barminski comments on the trifecta of consumer culture, mass media and nostalgia in an original and vibrant way. The installation will include video footage from a recent group show at London’s POW Gallery. Barminski had asked artists to bust up their own work with his deadly weapons of dissent (cardboard guns, skateboards and spray cans).

Reception: Saturday, September 8, 6pm–11pm
Run: September 8–29, 2012
Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm

WE GOT POWER!: We Survived the Pit
Marking the release of David Markey and Jordan Schwartz’s book “WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California”, the show documents the impact of SoCal’s Hardcore Punk scene on a personal level and a larger historical one. The exhibition features photographs, ‘zines, videos and films, plus original works from other artists. Two films included are Desperate Teenage Lovedolls and Lovedolls Superstar — both hilarious and awesome, c’mon they may be old(-er) now but Redd Kross still can make you smile. Live music from the Adolescents, Saccharine Trust, The Last, White Flag, and Dead Issue starts at 8pm.

Reception: Saturday, September 8, 6pm–11pm
Run: September 8–October 6, 2012
Thursday through Saturday from noon to 6pm

Maybe we’ll see you there!

Love, Fling Girl

2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite B7, Santa Monica, California 90404 


Smart Art Press
2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg C1Santa Monica, CA 90404

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