There’s a reason her show was called I Love Lucy! She was awesome. Lucille Ball wasn’t just some cutesy comedian who batted her eyelashes and played dumb — even though she did that on TV for a laugh.

Lucy was smart, savvy, hilarious and a real businesswoman. She started a production company called Desilu with her hubby Desi Arnaz (“Lucy! I’m hoooome!”) and starred in and created one of the most popular TV shows of ALL TIME. What a Fling Girl. 

How many times have you watched a black and white rerun with Lucy? She grew up with nothing, auditioned for years, starred in over 70 films (most not so good) and stuck to her passion until she finally made her dreams come true. Even va-va-voom Sofia Vergara dressed up as Lucy, instead of bombshells like Raquel Welch or Sophia Loren.

If you haven’t seen her get drunk trying to do a commercial for Vitameatavegemin or watched Lucy and Ethel cram candy into their mouths when they’re working at a chocolate factory — WATCH AND FALL IN LOVE.



“Don’t expect too much out of life. Keep it simple and you’ll receive much more than you expect.”


“I like to use the freedom of my own imagination.”

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