If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for a while, chances are you’ve met a chick like Lacy. Obsessed with fashion, lives in Silverlake, dabbles in all kinds of things like painting, interior design, jewelry making — she does it all, in a half-assed sort of way. She’s a photographer’s assistant even though she doesn’t really need to work (her dad’s a big TV producer) so dabbling is her specialty. She’s thinking of directing. How hard can it be? She can just get some BFFs like Scott Caan and Lindsay (yes, that Lindsay) to star in it. Easy.

Lacy met Gwen at a SoulCycle class (Gwen had a free pass, Lacy goes five days a week) and they bonded over their love of Grimes’ music. Lacy thinks everyone is basically dull, unless they’re famous. But Gwen is hot enough so she’s cool being seen with her.

Lacy doesn’t believe in love, but she does want to get married and have kids one day, but only if she can have a nanny. Why do it any other way? Yeah, she’s a real softy. She dates older men. Men who get regular facials and charter jets. Don’t attempt to hang out with her if flakiness bothers you. And don’t separate her from her iPhone.

What are Lacy’s good points? Well… she can get Gwen and Maggie into the best parties. She has a knack for finding great vintage Chanel. That’s about it.

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