We just love Eartha Kitt! Sure, she was beautiful, feline (the purrrfect Catwoman) and talented, but she was also outspoken, infinitely creative and passionate — all characteristics of a true Fling Girl.

When she was eight, Eartha’s mother sent her away from the South Carolina cotton fields to live with a relative in Harlem. Her mixed-race heritage didn’t sit so well with a lot of close-minded people she came in contact with, but Eartha’s talent and intelligence seared through their bitter ways. She danced with the Katherine Dunham Dance Troupe, performed as a cabaret star in Paris and around the world, won three Emmys, and she could sing in Turkish!

She was so much more than the purrrfect Catwoman. Ever caught yourself singing “Whatever Lola wants…” or “Santa Baby”? Yeah, that was Eartha.




“Don’t expect too much out of life. Keep it simple and you’ll receive much more than you expect.”


“I like to use the freedom of my own imagination.”

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