Lydia Emily is a fine artist, street artist and activist. Her work has been seen nationally and worldwide — in the streets and in galleries from Milan and Berlin to NYC and DC to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Daughter of a civil rights protester, activism runs in her blood and comes from a life-long desire to spark fire in the people and the conviction that with enough passion, everyone can make a difference. She believes the public eye comes with profound social responsibility, a duty to stand up and speak out, which includes casting a discerning eye at one’s own government’s practices or other’s worldwide.

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 1 — Do you graffiti here often?
 2 — I know the best billboards to make out behind.
 3 — Can I get your penal code number?
 4 — What’s your street sign?
 5 — Haven’t we met some place before… in jail?
 6 — Your eyes are as beautiful as two pools of wheat paste.
 7 — I can get you into Banksys gift shop.
 8 — You’re so hot. I’d let you cap me.
        (Capping is when you cover someone’s art pieces on the street.)
 9 — If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you let me silk-screen it?
10 — Is that a spray can in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


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