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Interview with
Owners Stacey Steffe
and Jeanine Romo

The L.A. fashion scene is alive and well, thank you very much. You don’t have to drive your Bentley to Barneys to get amazing clothes. We have awesome vintage spots, great flea markets, and now — mobile trucks full of clothes and jewelry. Le Fashion Truck is a pink boutique on wheels and we love it. Sure, there are lobster trucks and the Kogi Truck and Baby’s Badass Burgers. But sometimes you just need a dress.

We got to talk to the women who came up with the clever idea for Le Fashion Truck, Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo. Here’s what they told us about building an empire on wheels…

FG: How did you team up and create a boutique on wheels?

LFT: Stacey came up with the idea and we talked about it. Food trucks were getting really popular. All these people were so tunnel vision, they were like zombies going up to these food trucks. I thought the idea (for a mobile boutique) was genius and said, “Where do I sign up?”

FG: How long was from the time you talked about the idea to the time you were on wheels?

LFT: We got the idea in the fall of 2010 and we were up and running by January 2011. 

FG: What was that in-between period like? Did you have to deal with any headaches getting a business started?

LFT: It was not smooth at all. There was nothing like it so we had nothing to compare it to. We couldn’t look at how someone else did it and say, “Hey they did it this way so…” We thought we were just going to pop up on the street. One week before we launched we found out  you can’t just park at a meter in L.A. and start selling. We have to be really creative. 

FG: How often are you out on the street? What are your clients like?

LFT: We’re out five to seven days a week, like a normal boutique. We get people who just want to shop, and people who need a last-minute outfit. We were parked in Santa Monica and this woman and her friend were coming from the beach in workout clothes. They were on their way to some new bar and one of the women saw the truck and said she needed a dress for the bar. We also just get people who love to shop. We carry a lot of local designers and we’re always looking for great designers so send items to our buyer!

FG: What’s your take on the L.A. fashion scene?

LFT: L.A. fashion is always changing. We’re more relaxed and casual and a lot of people love vintage mixed with new.

Who needs New York and Paris? L.A. has plenty of fashion, and now you can find it in a cute pink truck! Follow Le Fashion Truck on Twitter to find out where they park next!

Visit Le Fashion Truck site here.

Thanks Jeanine & Stacey!

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