In Issue #4: Maggie Goes Clubbing, our girl came face to face with one of the most dastardly villains known to woman: An ageist jerk in an Ed Hardy Tee! Since she’s a Fling Girl she survived the ordeal and came out stronger. Once her wing girl Gwen left the scene Maggie got asked out by a guy. A cute guy. She’s ready to re-enter the dating trenches with a little help from Honorary Fling Girls Aretha Franklin and Dolly Parton since her no-good ex Floyd is ancient history… or is he? Find out in issue #5 THE DATE…  


Read the issue as a virtual book HERE. HINT: if you have a smaller screen, use the “Full Screen” option (small rectangle at the upper left of the flip book) to enlarge.

And, yes, we’re working on an html version. In the meantime, scroll through the single pages below (tap image on touchscreens or click right/left arrows).

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