In Issue #5: THE DATE, Maggie got over her first date jitters (we’ve all wanted to tell someone we have the flu or have been kidnapped by armed bandits right?). She braved one of the most nefarious objects known to woman: bowling shoes. She kissed this charming dude, Jason. Then, like most of us, she got all giddy and waited for his call. Or Text. Or Twitter shout out. Does it come? Does Maggie relapse and go back to her Neruda reading, cheating ex-boyfriend Floyd? Does bosslady Bethany finally lose her mind? Find out in issue #6 TO FLOYD OR NOT TO FLOYD…

PS: Maggie gets a little help from some new Honorary Fling Girls, like EARTHA!


Read the issue as a virtual book HERE. HINT: if you have a smaller screen, use the “Full Screen” option (small rectangle at the upper left of the flip book) to enlarge.

And, yes, we’re working on an html version. In the meantime, scroll through the single pages below (tap image on touchscreens or click right/left arrows).

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