Meet Joel, our resident dating expert. He’s no Tony Robbins. He won’t ask you to pay a zillion bucks to attend his seminars. He’ll just tell it like it is, from the wise POV of someone who’s out there dating — just like you! Ask Joel “What’s the Deal” or anything else.

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Dear Joel,
What’s the Deal?!?

I’ve gone on a few dates with this guy and he seems super sweet and into me but he never asks me out on weekends, only weeknights. Should I say something?

—Weekday Lover

Dear Weekday Lover,
Here’s the Deal:

Your first suspicion is that this guy is seeing other people on weekends and that you’re not good enough to make the weekend cut. But how can that be, you are gorgeous! You want to confront him, but you wonder if he has a legitimate excuse like that he goes home every weekend to visit his sick grandmother and give her a blood transfusion. You don’t want to come across as paranoid, but you’re irked that he might be toying with you.

This is what you do. Turn the tables on him. Next time he calls you, tell him you have a really busy work week and that you can only go out on the weekend.

If he says okay
, you just solved your problem and you can contact Fling Girl LA so they will forward you the address where you can send my payment (JK!).

If he makes up some bullshit excuse, ask him directly why you’ve never gone out on the weekend. If you sense the web of lies is growing he just isn’t worth it, so grab the nearest drink and throw it in his face and say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!”

If he is honest
, whether that means telling you he likes you but has a real excuse or that he’s serial dating and you’re very close to being weekend material, immediately have sex with him because honest guys are hard to find.


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