Hey peeps,

I admit it. I was missing Maggie and was over at Jezebel.com to read up on this Todd Akin shit — Kathleen Hanna (man, she’s hot) must be busy. And what’s up with those Russian chicks in a cage?! Maggie always read Jezebel. I miss listening to her talk about political stuff like this. Anyway, what the fuck? I know I’m not the best dude but at least I know “no means no.” Period. By the way, hey you Julian Assange, I like all the exposé shit you’re doing and you may have been set up but, dude, actually it is ALWAYS a good idea to get an okay “prior to insertion” — EVERY TIME. Lame.

I screwed up big time cheating on Maggie. When I called her I didn’t really want to know where my Devo shot glass was, I just got nervous man. I choked. She’s pretty great, and way smarter than me. The girls I’ve met in L.A. and on the road are pretty lame. They’re just passionate about, like, “decorative nail art” whatever the fuck that is. They don’t even know who Todd Akin is. Some smart dude is probably pillow talking to Maggie about all this right now. That kind of hurts my heart, man. I miss her.

— Floyd

Our buddy Floyd may not be the most tactful of guys, he may even be a bit of a douche, but he sure know there’s no biological defense to “rape”… duh.

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