Hey guys,

Look I’m no dummy. I know I’m not like “Mr. Popular” around here because I cheated on Maggie. She was pretty awesome, and hot and all, but it’s really hard being a good-looking dude on the road. My music is everything to me, and I totally got caught up in my own ego or whatever. My mom’s a therapist.

I meant it when I told Maggie I loved her, and when I read Neruda to her. Neruda is the MAN! If I could write lyrics like that I’d be a millionaire. That’s my dream. I want her back, but my mom says I have to grow or whatever but I don’t even know what that means. All I’m saying is, dudes are people too. We have feelings and maybe we’re not perfect but neither are girls, or women or whatever I’m supposed to call you. I miss her. But life is so hectic with band practice and trying to get signed. I wrote a love song about her. Maybe that’ll work…

— Floyd

Better days for Floyd and Maggie from Issue 1: The Backstory

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