Fling Girl LA Book Review:
One Soul by Ray Fawkes

To tide you over until the next issue (plus it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up), FLING GIRL LA has a graphic review at the online mag Los Review of Books. If you haven’t paid LARB a visit, you should. Besides covering literature, they also post art, music, theater and film reviews and they do reporting, editorials and interviews… basically if you like to read, you should have them bookmarked.

The review, featuring our own Maggie, is for One Soul, a graphic novel by Ray Fawkes. Quick rundown? The layout, the graphics, the content and the concept = perfect. There are plenty of reviews of and interviews with Fawkes online so we took a different route, drawing on elements from the book and bringing them into the world of FLING GIRL LA. We don’t want to give too much away, but, yeah, we liked the novel. We do advocate that you pick up the actual book to get the full experience, it was intended to be read not panel by panel or page by page but as a book spread out, opened up in front of you.

We hope you enjoy the review. Have a look and let us know what you think. (Read it here or click the image.)

Love — Fling Girl

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