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Now, we love men.
Not all L.A. men are as ridiculous
as Fling Girl’s Floyd.

But… some are…

10 — He’s a 3, but his girlfriend is a 10.
 9 —  He knows more about your outfit than you do.
 8 —  He’s friends with Kevin Connolly, David Spade, or Leo DiCaprio.
 7 —  He has two or more slashes in his job title.
 6 —  His car is worth more than his house.
 5 —  He’s over the age of 40 and still goes clubbing.
 4 —  He’s over the age of 40 and has never been married.
 3 —  His medicine cabinet looks like Sephorah.
 2 —  He’s on a juice cleanse or raw diet.
 1 —  He pays for bottle service at sports bars.

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