With the nail art craze still going strong, why not take Fling Girl L.A. characters with you everywhere!? Blare some Grimes, Haley Reinhart or Little Dragon, get your supplies together, and get to decorating!


Ink Jet or Laser Printer
Transfer or Decal Paper (easier to find for Ink Jet)
Scissors or Exact-o
Clear Nail Polish
Nail File 
Nail Polish Remover
Q-tips (optional)

Download decal template: click on image above and from new window drag large image to desktop OR right-click/control-click image and select “save/download linked file.”

Download and print the FG template. Use a higher resolution for better detail and color. Make sure you print “at size” or  scale = “100%”, DO NOT use “fit to page”. 

NOTE: Many clear decals brands instruct flipping the image, DO NOT flip the image.
SUGGESTION: Print on a plain piece of paper first to check to see which size best fits your nails. We have included a blue and a yellow version, both at two sizes. You can print slightly larger (up to 110%) or smaller depending on your nails. 

Cut out the strips and peel off the transfer backing to expose decal. We used the Target brand “White Tshirt Transfers” and it was relatively simple to separate the backing from the decal (transfer). We also tested Avery’s “Dark Tshirt Transfers” which was a little more difficult, though the paper had been sitting around for over a year, so it may be more our fault than theirs.

Have your nails ready — you know, push back your cuticles, get the grime off, that kind of stuff. We suggest you do one finger at a time or, if you’re fast, one hand then the other.

Apply a thin coat of polish. Let dry slightly so the polish is tacky. Then position transfer (ink side up) on the nail, press down firmly and smooth out starting from the base of the nail. It’s important to carefully remove all bubbles and wrinkles, you could use a q-tip but be careful the fibers don’t stick to any exposed polish. There should be part of the image extending beyond the top of your nail. You will use a nail file to remove when dry (STEP FIVE). 

NOTE: We used a clear base/topcoat, you could also use white or another polish but it will show around the edges of the decal. A nice lady at Ulta suggested using Orly Bonder as the base because it has more tack to it than most base polishes but you then will need an additional clear “top coat” polish to protect the decal. We tried Sally Hansen’s Double Duty and also a plain old clear polish for our test runs, both worked but they don’t last too long. If it doesn’t make you nervous, you can add an adhesive to the back of the decal before applying. We tried a non-toxic glue stick, it worked.

ALTERNATE METHOD: Use “Waterslide Decals” found in art and craft supply stores. Paint on base coat, let dry, apply a spray adhesive to decal, slightly dampen, position decal and apply. Follow with top coat. If trying this method, make sure to check the decal paper’s instructions for more specific use.

Once the decals and base polish are completely dry, you may still be able to scuff and/or pull the transfer off, so be careful. Bend “extra” part of transfer over nail (towards your finger) and use nail file, in downward strokes, to remove.

Apply a topcoat of clear polish. Let dry.

Voilá! Your very own Fling Girl L.A. nails. Use the nail polish remover and q-tips to clean up any messiness and later to help remove the decal transfer.

Love — Fling Girl L.A.

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