Dating can be tough. Dating in Los Angeles can be a soul crushingly, mind numbingly brutal exercise in clinging to your sanity. Newly single Maggie bravely (attempts to) face the challenge. This is her story. Read more HERE.


Want to catch up on the story so far? The Backstory? The Breakup? The Pledge? Finding a “wing girl” and diving into single life? This is the place (the only place for now) where you can read through the comic. Find all issues HERE.


Who’s who in Maggie’s world. Read about the character, get a little background and find out who they are. Check out character cards and get a snapshot of their likes and dislikes  Find them all HERE.


Our Honorary Fling Girl series highlights women (and maybe a few fellas) who inspire and who pop up in our series to offer Maggie advice and support. Why not learn from the best?! Find out why these ladies deserve the title HERE.


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