Have you met Maggie’s boss Bethany

Stern. Vain. Narcissistic. Likes to yell. She’s a real charmer. We’re taking a look into Bethany’s weird world view with our series Bethany’s Brain. It’s gonna be scandalous..

What is she thinking?! 

Every week we’re gonna let you into the twisted, dark recesses of Bethany’s brain. She’s Maggie and Gwen’s tyrannical boss (but of course you know that since you’ve read the comic!). Her idols are Madonna, Suze Orman and Gwyneth Paltrow, and she truly believes that she deserves the best in life since she started her own company, Zephyr Gaming. Verbally abusing Gwen and Maggie is one of the great joys of her day.

You’ll read journal entries, rants about Gwen’s inadequacies and outfits, Maggie’s dating woes and design work, daily to-do lists, emails advising celebrities on their latest look or pet project, and disdain for everything that doesn’t make her skinny and better looking and highlight her superior status. If you’ve ever had a horrible boss, this one’s for you.

Bethany’s outlook might be terrifying to some, but it’ll definitely be entertaining… from a distance. Like Madonna. Enjoy! 

Y Fling Girl

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