Amy Saaed

Co-owner and the visual side of Fling Girl LA 

Amy  spent her early years on the east coast, from NC to NYC and back, landing in Chapel Hill, NC, working at a record store, going to rock shows and making fliers while getting her Art History degree.

Music and the promise of cheap rent took her to Seattle and eventually a job at Sub Pop as the Assistant Art Director. She went on to freelancing in more corporate environments where she learned “clean” and “modern” meant lots of white space and, apparently, she preferred things “cluttered” and “busy”.

Heading down to Los Angeles to learn video art direction and film titling, she continued to design. She spent a few years as a corporate in-house designer (who doesn’t want health insurance?) but returned to freelancing. Fast forward a little and after three years working for AFI FEST, she settled in full-time at AFI but, yet again, the freedom of a non-9-to-5 called. Too bad the economy was stinking… 

But that’s all right, she has a backup plan — even though her east-meets-west horoscope reveals that she is destined to always be the “script girl” never the “script writer” (that sometimes makes her secretly cry a little inside), it also says she’d make an excellent pimp.

Besides Fling Girl LA, Amy currently does art and design work for people who had her sign non-disclosure agreements, so she can’t share that information. 

Email Amy here. (Use “Dear Amy” for subject line.)

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