Suze Orman changed Bethany’s life. 

During her 20s Bethany worked her way up to Head Copy Editor at a very serious tech magazine. Her crack-the-whip style inspired her co-workers to secretly call her “The Copy-atrix.” Then one day Bethany flipped on the TV and there was Suze Orman talking about taking control of your life. Bethany quit her job (her co-workers didn’t shed a tear), moved into the gaming world, and eventually garnered enough respect to start Zephyr Gaming. Props for that. Now she’s Maggie and Gwen’s boss. They don’t have a nickname for her. Yet.

She’s in her 40s and lives in a West Hollywood duplex with her cats. Many, many cats. So many cats Bethany can’t keep track. She’s from the Upper East Side.

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