Our hero Maggie takes flight with Honorary Fling Girls Anais, Eartha, Aretha, Mae and Dolly.

Tough Chicks.

Even though Maggie is technically not a superhero, but a human girl who is cool and has faults, she can fly around Los Angeles in a cape (in her dreams). In that spirit, here are some actual superheroes we think are pretty cool (in no particular order, we promise). We’d like to see them all in a movie or comic together. Please.

NUMBER ONE  Wonder Woman — we know, this one is a given. She’s just so awesome with her bracelets and lasso and unwavering integrity. Maybe one day they’ll get the TV reboot right. She deserves it.

NUMBER TWO  Elektra — not the movie, the Frank Miller comic, OK? She wears bright red and fights with ninja daggers. And she’s fast. Did we mention she wears bright red?

NUMBER THREE  Hit Girl — Did you see Kick-Ass? If not, you need to remedy that. Hit Girl is the pre-teen badass who wears a purple wig, black fuck-off boots, and she fights like a banshee. It all started with Mark Millar’s comic. We want more of her.

NUMBER FOUR  Lana Kane — You know Aisha Tyler’s character in Archer right? Master spy, strong hands, maternal and tough? She’s a real woman… in super-shapely cartoon form.

NUMBER FIVE  Buffy — We know, everyone loves Buffy. She would kick Sookie Stackhouse’s ass if she knew what she’d been up to in Bon Temps… then she’d lay eyes on Eric Northman and all would be forgiven. Plus Maggie loves her. Clip from the motion comic below.

Pay your respects — read about these women and while you’re at it check out some more badass ladies in Honorary Fling Girls.

Love — Fling Girl L.A.

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