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FG_SeeHear_thumbs_VoicesUnSilenced Comments Off

Voices UnSilenced Art Auction

Happy belated V-Day! If you weren’t too busy mooning over your sweetie or moaning over not having one, yesterday you may noticed some blips

February 15, 2013 Event, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_DestroyAllDesignSepterhed_NOV12 1

Opening: Destroy All Design & Septerhed

Abandon All Hope… Actually don’t and instead head on over to LAB ART for the latest collaborations and individual works from the artists Destroy

November 15, 2012 Event, FROM THE GALLERY, SEE/HEAR
FG_FlingsMisc_FridayVideo_thumb Comments Off

THE NATIONAL: Bloodbuzz Ohio

Happy Friday! It’s (almost) the weekend so we’re bringing our favorite tracks to you… because we care. This week it’s a (not new) video

November 02, 2012 Friday Video, Music, SEE/HEAR
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RZA/BLACK KEYS: Baddest Man Alive

Happy Friday! It’s (almost) the weekend so we’re bringing our favorite tracks to you… because we care. Have you seen previews for the new

October 26, 2012 Friday Video, Music, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_Invertigo Comments Off

100% Local Free Range Dance series

Go! Win tickets. Dance is heating up in Los Angeles, and Invertigo Dance Theatre is bringing low-cost, sassy, fun and smart art to our

October 23, 2012 Event, SEE/HEAR
FG_FlingsMisc_FridayVideo_thumb Comments Off

THE COUP: The Magic Clap

Happy Friday! It’s (almost) the weekend so we’re bringing our favorite tracks to you… because we care. Need a little pick-me-up this afternoon? This

October 19, 2012 Friday Video, Music, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_PowerOfPink Comments Off

Power Of Pink! Give! Win!

Good Cause + Prizes! October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but fighting breast cancer daily is the focus for the Margie Petersen Breast

October 18, 2012 Event, SEE/HEAR, STYLE
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_MWhitmarsh Comments Off

Megan Whitmarsh: Here Comes Purple

Interview with Artist Megan Whitmarsh Guest Fling Girl writer Gilden Tunador chats with artist Megan Whitmarsh about her current show at New Image Art

October 16, 2012 Event, FROM THE GALLERY, SEE/HEAR
FG_FlingsMisc_FridayVideo_thumb Comments Off

FRANK OCEAN: Thinking About You

Happy Friday! It’s (almost) the weekend so we’re bringing our favorite tracks to you… because we care. So this one isn’t brand spanking new

October 12, 2012 Friday Video, Music, SEE/HEAR
FG_Dating_thumbs_HeTexted Comments Off

HeTexted.com Is Hilarious

Just for laughs. Check out the text to the left. In Fling Girl world, totally something Floyd would have pulled when he and Maggie

October 11, 2012 Advice, DATING, Stories
FG_Take10_MEsterby_thumb 2

Melissa Esterby

In Reality Bites, Janeane Garofalo’s character Vickie had the right idea: “I want first kisses, I want passion the whole way through.”  Generally, I dislike

June 01, 2012 TAKE 10
FG_Issues_thumbs_Issue6 4

Issue 6: To Floyd Or Not To Floyd (NEW)

In Issue #5: THE DATE, Maggie got over her first date jitters (we’ve all wanted to tell someone we have the flu or have

August 13, 2012 ISSUES
FG_FlingsMisc_NiceSite_thumb Comments Off


Listen Up.  We here at Fling Girl LA appreciate good music and good ladies (nothing against you fellas and the things you do, we

August 01, 2012 Music, Read, SEE/HEAR
FG_Style_LeFashionTruck_thumb 1

Le Fashion Truck

Interview with Owners Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo The L.A. fashion scene is alive and well, thank you very much. You don’t have to

August 15, 2012 Event, STYLE
FG_Flings_FromGallery_LABART_thumbs 1


Interview with LAB ART’s Rachel Joelson  Shortly after debuting in May 2011, LAB ART showed up on our radar last summer with the all-female

September 13, 2012 FROM THE GALLERY
FG_Take10_HReinhart_thumb 6

Haley Reinhart

Everybody loves Haley — just look how dang cute she is! She’s also crazy talented. She placed in the 10th season of American Idol

August 21, 2012 TAKE 10
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_RyRYoung 1

Ry Russo Young

NYC vs LA NYC-based writer/director Ry Russo Young might have deep roots in Manhattan, but she’s spent enough time in Los Angeles to have

August 30, 2012 Film/TV, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_DIONYSUS Comments Off

Dionysus Records

Want a little punk, garage, surf, lounge, exotica, psych and rockabilly in your life? Looking for some cool 7″s? Dionysus has you covered. Based

August 22, 2012 Music, SEE/HEAR
FG_Character_LACY_thumbs 2

Meet Lacy

If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for a while, chances are you’ve met a chick like Lacy. Obsessed with fashion, lives in Silverlake, dabbles

August 28, 2012 CHARACTERS
FG_Style_NailDecals_thumb Comments Off

DIY: Fling Girl L.A. Nails

With the nail art craze still going strong, why not take Fling Girl L.A. characters with you everywhere!? Blare some Grimes, Haley Reinhart or Little Dragon,

September 10, 2012 STYLE
FG_FlingsMisc_5Superheroes_thumb Comments Off

5 Female Superheroes We Love

Our hero Maggie takes flight with Honorary Fling Girls Anais, Eartha, Aretha, Mae and Dolly. Tough Chicks. Even though Maggie is technically not a

September 13, 2012 Read, SEE/HEAR
FG_FlingsMisc_MindyProject_thumb Comments Off

The Mindy Project

So since there are some new (and returning) shows we’re excited about this fall, we thought we’d give them some love! We can’t wait

September 12, 2012 Film/TV, SEE/HEAR
FG_BethanysBrain_thumb Comments Off

Bethany’s Brain NEW

Vain. Narcissistic. Likes to yell. Bethany’s a real charmer. We’re taking a look into Bethany’s weird world view with our series Bethany’s Brain. It’s gonna be scandalous…  This

September 19, 2012 Read, SEE/HEAR
FG_Honorary_Lucy_thumb 2

Meet Lucille Ball

There’s a reason her show was called I Love Lucy! She was awesome. Lucille Ball wasn’t just some cutesy comedian who batted her eyelashes

September 27, 2012 HONORARIES
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_Retna Comments Off

RETNA — Gallery Show

Retna‘s work is easily identifiable. If you were one of the throngs visiting last summer’s MOCA Art in the Street or PMCA Street Cred show, have driven by

September 25, 2012 Event, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_KeepABreast Comments Off

Keep A Breast — Bust Show

We heart boobs too. You’ve seen the I love boobies bracelets, right? They come from the Keep A Breast Foundation as a fun way to

September 24, 2012 Event, SEE/HEAR
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_LARB_FGLA Comments Off

Fling Girl + LA Review of Books

Fling Girl LA Book Review: One Soul by Ray Fawkes To tide you over until the next issue (plus it was an opportunity we

October 04, 2012 Read
FG_SeeHear_thumbs_EgglestonOpen 1

Openings: William Eggleston

Witness… Photography buffs might want to hightail it over to Bergamot Saturday (October 13) for a preview of William Eggleston prints before they head

October 10, 2012 Event, SEE/HEAR
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